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Modern Design


In this part of our series on interior design styles we explore modern design. Emerging in the early twentieth century, modern design captures simplicity and functionality. With roots influenced by the Germans and Scandinavians, this style began to take off through works of art and architecture in the 1920’s through the 1950. More readily available access to steel and concrete sparked an interest in clean lines, open spaces, and neutral color tones. Today we see this translated into large format tiles, sleek layouts and a space focused on functionality.

The Essence of Modern Interior Design

Think clean and simple. The design style is captured by using materials that create sharp clean lines, minimal décor, and a color pallet featuring white, grey, black, and light beiges. The idea behind this movement was to go in a completely different direction from the first style we discussed, Traditional. Whereas traditional goes for the craftsmanship found in complex details, modern design blends fine art with functionality to reduce excess detail. A common misconception is that contemporary and modern design go hand in hand. However, Contemporary design is defined as design that fits the narrative of the times. For instance, what is trending currently, design wise, is referred to as contemporary.

The Versatility of Tile and Stone in Modern Design

Tile and stone is a very key component in this design style. With thousands of products available, it is important to know which ones truly encompass a modern feel. These would be tiles like concrete looks, industrial metals, and neutral stones. Some great neutral stones for this aesthetic would be limestones, dolomite, nero marquina, sahara noir and thassos.


First, consider your space and the varying elements that go into the design. With modern design you do not want to many elements in one area. When approaching bathrooms, consider the color pallet mentioned and less grout joint. Going with concrete porcelain slabs and a stacked layout will bring out the desired modern feel. For the vanity, low profile and square edges will transform the space into the modern realm. Lighting should be bright and sleek, the vanity tops can showcase elegant marble with sharp lines and fixtures that encompass functionality without drama.


Next, let’s dive into the kitchen world of modern design. Steaming again from the industrial inspiration, think about working with metals and consistency with materials. No need to go overboard with a bunch of different parts and pieces, run the countertop up the backsplash and keep the flow. Let the open floor plan and empty space capture the elegant simplicity. The pop should be in the overall combination of a few things and not just one area. The feel when you walk into a modern kitchen is practical and serene. This is a great space to add dimensions. Work at layering different depths into the overall view of the space to bring life to the composition.

Other Spaces

Lastly, there are many other spaces where modern design can be brought to life. Think fireplaces, accent walls, foyers and even the main floor of the entire home. Because a modern design focuses on functionality, using porcelain tile in the entire home fits this aesthetic perfectly. Instead of hardwood, switching the floor that runs through the whole house into a modern, clean, and simplicity tile can transform the vibe from the moment you walk through the door. A fireplace that is covered in a black natural stone with dimension, will create a wow factor and a modern feel. Furthermore, don’t think of modern design as lacking bold accents. If the accent captures the color pallet and sharpness, it can certainly still be modern.


In conclusion, modern design style offers a refreshing take on interior design, combining innovation, simplicity, and functionality. By carefully selecting materials, choosing a restrained color palette, and incorporating clean lines and minimalist furniture, you can transform your space into a modern haven that reflects your personal style and embraces the beauty of contemporary living. So, unleash your creativity, explore the possibilities, and embark on a journey to create a modern masterpiece in your own home.

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