Emerging Shore Home Trends

As the fall season starts and summer officially comes to a close, new shore home development picks back up, and the design world commences to fire up the latest and greatest trends hitting our industry. From texture to touch, the design community is moving into a new world of breathtaking creativity. Below are some of the most exciting new looks that are taking the market by storm and taking ordinary spaces to extraordinary new heights.

Bath Design Trends

Textured Materials:

When approaching a bathroom remodel or full house design, there are many ways to go. It is important to have your finger on the pulse of what’s in and what’s out. The largest tile convention in the world, held in Bologna, Italy, just came to a close and left no doubt that textures are making a major jump in popularity. Multi-dimension ceramics and edgy natural stones are truly some of the more remarkable products out there, providing a level of character that cannot be matched by any other materials.

Custom Ceramics & Mid-Century Modern:

In addition to the textured options, a style picking up a lot of attention as well is a mid-century modern vibe. Geometric custom ceramics that span the entire color wheel are becoming increasingly more popular and are an excellent way to add flare without the price point and care presented by natural stone. For those looking to escape to their beach sanctuary and not have to worry about wear and tear, this is the best option. The patterns and colors are endless and can truly present a custom design esthetic.

Photo Credits: (Top) Arto Brick (Bottom) Marble Systems

Vanity Accent Walls:

Finally, for those looking for the best areas to accent in their space, the answer is the vanity wall, one of the most prominent trends we see entering the shore home development season. With the opportunity to play with the other elements typically found it this space, it offers limitless potential. In some cases, accents can be lost in bathrooms if they are not at the center of attention, so a vanity accent wall can be transformative.

Photo Credit: (Builder) Ted Fluehr Custom Builders

Kitchen Trends

Counter Tops Used as Full Splashes:

Utilizing your countertop selection to double as the backsplash has become a huge trend. This creates a seamless, cohesive and elegant look, but does it offer enough excitement for your main entertaining space? Yes; by combining this approach while getting creative with the other areas of the kitchen can really bring out that WOW factor. Tiling or accenting islands or bar areas in open floor plans has become an excellent outlet for creative design enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Artistic Tile

Bar Area Accents:

On the topic of bar areas, these spaces are a great spot to add flare but are often not given a ton of thought. The bar area is the perfect spot to draw out some dramatic looks and bring some fun into the design of the home. Combining lighting, some shelving that pops, and a beautiful bar backsplash can create a conversation space worth talking about over a happy hour cocktail.

Photo Credits: (Designer) Jennifer Busler Interiors (Photographer) Ben Hale

Other Spaces & Styles to Consider


Shore homes once used for a weekend family getaway or quick vacation, are now migrating into full-time residencies with work-from-home offices and amazing shore views. Nevertheless, they are always used to entertain friends and loved ones. So, keep in mind, first impressions are everything, and nothing sets the tone like walking into a home with a jaw-dropping foyer. People are starting to recognize that their foyer should have just as much wow factor as the kitchen, master bath or fireplace. Utilizing exciting, large-format mosaic tiles with intricate patterns is the next wave of foyer design.

Photo Credit: MIR Mosaic

Play with Pattern:

Lastly, picking the materials is a major part of the design process; but where the mundane meets the masterpiece is in the layout. Layout is often the difference between the DIYer and the designer. Having the creativity and courage to try unique layouts is another growing trend, unique in that pattern applies to almost all materials. Go bold and work out a few different patterns before that final installation, and you will find that the most basic looking materials can really shine when they are arranged in fun, unique patterns.

Photo Credit: WOW Ceramics

This is an exciting time for shore home design, with so many possibilities for your next project. A home is a representation of the owners, an opportunity to express yourself through many different mediums that go into the design. The trend moving forward is to bring your spaces to life in out-of-the-box ways. We live in a world where your decorating dreams should come true. Let your personality shine through design and achieve the looks that bring inspiration, joy and happiness into your life.

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