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Discover who the best product suppliers in the tile and stone industry are.

Over the last couple of decades, the tile and stone world has evolved more than you could have possibly imagined. What was once an industry that offered tile in one size and only four colors, is now an industry with thousands and thousands of products to choose from. Customers deserve to walk into a store that has taken the time to carefully curate only the best of those options. Our team at Coast Tile wants to give customers the opportunity to pick amongst the best of the best. Below is some insight into some of the top suppliers in the industry that Coast Tile has been fortunate enough to partner with – bring customers the most elegant and sophisticated tile and stone offerings in South Jersey.

Artistic Tile:
Artistic Tile is one of the most well-known and respected luxury tile and stone suppliers in the country. With an incredibly large product offering, ranging from stone and glass to large format porcelain and everything in between, they have established themselves as a market leader. Artistic Tile’s offering includes one of the most stunning waterjet collections to ever be curated, and a glass program that runs right in line with it. Artistic Tile also has an incredible website to assist in project visualization and wonderful social media presence that will give customers the inspiration for any of upcoming projects. We at Coast Tile are lucky to be their authorized dealer along South Jersey shore. With over 30 large concept boards and hundreds of additional samples, customers are sure to find everything they could ever need to create luxury on their next project.

ARTO Brick:
ARTO Brick, our California friends, are continuously bringing looks to life and creating some of the most exciting and uniquely personalized products in the industry. Their cement and ceramics are handmade and shipped out of Southern California right to us here in Atlantic County. Because these products are handmade every time, customers are able to create designs from scratch. Arguably the most customizable offerings on the market, customers can pick the pattern, color, material, size and finish of almost everything ARTO Brick has in their catalog; and in about 8 to 10 weeks, customers can have a design that is entirely their own. Looking for an option out there that has not been done before or that won’t go out of style? Look no further! This handmade ceramic style is taking the market by storm, and ARTO Brick has been at the forefront since 1966. Our team is still discovering all the different ways in which ARTO Brick can help make customers’ decorating dreams come true.

MIR Mosaic:
The newest supplier added to our Coast Tile team is MIR Mosaic. Located on the West Coast and bringing a ton of new and exciting looks to the Coast Tile showroom, MIR Mosaic is definitely up there with some of the best suppliers around! MIR Mosaic supplies Coast Tile with high quality glass, natural stone, shell, and metal mosaics. Their products reflect the latest and most innovative trends in the mosaic tile industry and offer a unique appearance unachievable with conventional tiles. Recently, the industry has seen a lot of copycats out there – repeating waterjet looks and taking the flare out any originality that might have once been a beautiful look. MIR Mosaic is a breath of fresh air – with styles and designs that can truly bring a space to life again. Authentically unique and elegant, MIR Mosaic is the up-and-coming trend setter, and our team could not be more excited to be the only store offering their products in our area.

Looking for elegance? StoneImpressions is the perfect fit for you. In 2020, Coast Tile jumped on the Stone Impressions bandwagon and we have not looked back. Everyone has seen the deco pattern tiles, but believe our team when we say you have not seen anything else like this. StoneImpressions combines hand-drawn artwork with incredible natural stone to create a look that has not been accomplished by anyone ever before. Each year, the company expands their selection to capture everything the market is looking for – continuing to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Without ever missing a step, Stone Impressions has continued to deliver some of the most breathtaking designs that Coast Tile has ever seen enter the showroom. StoneImpressions gives customers the opportunity to set themselves apart from the everyday looks and bring a certain level of elegance that is not found in other product offerings. Another top-tier supplier that our team is fortunate enough to represent for the entire Southern New Jersey area.

WOW Ceramics:
Without question, one of the most unique and diverse product lines that we work with, WOW Ceramics based in Spain, has been right on the cutting edge of the design industry for years! People will often agree that most of the design trends start in Europe and make their way over to the United States a few months later. WOW Ceramics is always leading the way and gives our Coast Tile team the opportunity to implement never-before-seen design ideas long before other competitors. WOW Ceramics also offers a ton of unique and fun looks at a price point that might surprise you – making them very attractive fit for any budget. The most exciting part is that customers have the freedom to unleash any creative potential with WOW’s product offerings. Customers can mix, match and combine to create endless possibilities with their products. There is no doubt that achieving the WOW factor is right at your fingertips with WOW Ceramics’ products. And you guessed it… Coast Tile is the number one spot to find WOW Ceramics products in Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean County.

These are just a few of the best suppliers that our Coast Tile team has been blessed to work with – bring our customers the highest quality products in the tile and stone industry. Coast Tile is constantly searching and analyzing the market to determine how to continuously bring top of line collections to our designer showroom. Tile and stone trends will keep evolving, and our team at Coast Tile will keep working with our industry partners to curate and offer selections that are unmatched by any of our competitors.

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