The Power of Pattern

Brick Joint Subway Style
Brick Joint Subway Style

When it comes to saving money and transforming your bathroom into a work of art there is no better option than subway tile. While subway set brick joint like the photo above is classic and clean, it might not provide you the excitement or uniqueness that you are looking for in your next project. Well here are a few great options for simply turning the tile and creating a brand-new style.

Stacked Straight Style

Stacked Straight

Achieve style through simplicity. If you are looking to draw out a modern, more contemporary look in your bathroom space, simply sliding the tile over and lining it up straight can be the answer to your problems. The stacked straight look is great for creating a sleek and linear feel, which is ideal for homes that have distinct features and shapes. You can either go horizontal like the picture above or run it vertical to make the walls look taller. 

Basketweave Subway Style


Looking to really up the “WOW” factor of your bathroom? Take inexpensive subway tile and go bold with a basketweave design. This pattern can come off very busy so use caution when deciding how to pair it with your shower floor and main floor. It’s best to keep the other floors solid in color and subtle in order to draw out the pattern on the walls. This pattern can really pop when used properly, so if you are looking to make a statement consider using the basketweave design in your next project.

Traditional Herringbone Subway

Traditional Herringbone

If you want to capture a high-end look, we recommend picking a colorful subway and running it in a herringbone pattern. This pattern is a timeless classic that never gets old. Not everything has to be done in white subway, by picking a colorful subway for only a dollar or so more you can turn your space into an elegant washroom. 

Double Herringbone Subway

Double Herringbone

As we discussed in our last blog post on best backsplash ideas for summer 2020, the double herringbone is a new, up-and-coming pattern for those who want to be a little more unique and elevate the classic herringbone design. This pattern adds another layer of dimension to a bathroom and makes the tile pop off the wall. Like the basketweave, there are a lot of lines cutting in and out here, so be mindful of that when working in the rest of the room. 

Soldier Course Subway

Soldier Course

The last design on our list is perfect for those looking to add a little flare to their space without completely changing the traditional brick joint look. A great way to add some professional style is using a solider course boarder at the bottom of your pattern. This breaks up the traditional brick joint just enough to make it look unique without completely getting rid of the classic look. 

Using the power of pattern is a great way to update your space without breaking the bank. Contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales staff members to start the process of upgrading your space. Want to start talking patterns without leaving the comfort of your home? Schedule a virtual design consultation to bring all our showroom has to offer directly to you! 


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