The Little Things

island tile

When you think of using decorative tile in your home, what rooms are you thinking of? Most of us immediately think of our kitchens and baths, however, we’ve seen trends shifting toward tiles as little touches in less obvious areas of the home. And these little touches make a big difference in bringing these spaces to life.

Indoor and Outdoor Stair Risers
Stairs are a mainstay in almost every home – transporting us from one space or floor to the next. Why not ad some pizazz to the journey up or down with colorful tiles? With so much to choose from you can have stair risers that are as beautiful as they are functional.

If you own a fireplace, chances are it serves as the centerpiece of the room it’s in. Why not let it really stand out with tile facing? Tile adds the wow factor, is easy to maintain, and will last for years to come. In this photo note how the stair riser tiles match the fireplace face – stunning!

While most tile facings end where the ceiling begins, there are occasions where the ceiling is the perfect location for a tile finish. Not every ceiling should be tiled, but when it does work, the results are breathtaking. Look up and imagine where tile might just be the added touch to complete a corner nook, entranceway or other unique space in your home.

Unique Ideas
The biggest take away as you look at the new trends for your new home this fall is that, being different and unique is the hottest thing. We are spending more time in our homes and more time entertaining others in our homes. Let your home speak to who you are and wow your friends over with the little things. Whether it’s your mud room or laundry, entryway, bar area, wine cellar or kitchen island, tile can and will transform any space you use it into a unique work of art and place you’ll love to be.

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