5 Ways to Make a Powder Room POP

One of the most common mistakes people make is going plain in the powder room. The powder room is often one of the most used bathrooms in the home by guests and typically not a very large area. This is a prime spot for unleashing your creative ambitions and making something truly breathtaking. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to make a powder room POP!

1. Vanity Wall Accents

First let’s talk about that vanity wall. This is one of the best places to let your design ideas flow. It has the most potential to create a visually empowering space. You can combine design elements in the vanity, mirror, sink, fixtures and of course the entire wall those these sit in front of. Do not be afraid to go bold here. After all most of your guest are going to look a themselves in this mirror and you want them to do that while feeling like they are in luxury estate!


2. Mosaic Floors

More mosaics please! a flashy mosaic can be the perfect element to bring your powder room floor to life. If you want that clean, painted wall look but still need to add that exciting feature, a mosaic with a lot of interest is a great way to go, as the area is typically smaller, eliminating the hesitation that it could be too busy. We know, will that be a lot of grout? With the new grouts available today, and all the color options, there is no need to be apprehensive.

3. Wallpaper

Want to be on the cutting edge of the design world? Start thinking “wallpaper.” Wallpaper is coming back, and it has a lot to say. There are so many options out there and it gives people an incredible opportunity to complement the rest of your space. Tie the right wallpaper to the vanity and flooring and you have yourself a magazine-worthy powder room. The trends are also lending themselves toward bolder and more exotic wallpapers, so if you want some color to jump off the walls, this might be your answer. This coastal design was captured by the Colmar Kitchen Studio team and photographer Ben Hale.


4. Curating Color

Since we are talking about color, take a look a this design. notice that they are using a mosaic that elegantly combines river shell and a light blue stone know as Azul Cielo. Run on the floor and up the vanity wall this is a true showstopper. Running the same thing on the floor as your accent wall creates a cohesive and consistent feel. The soft blue of the stone grabs the wallpaper and vanity top hues and the river shell picks up the mirror accent and the lower half of the vanity. This is when color really comes to life. This mosaic comes from our supplier, Artistic Tile, a leader in the luxury tile and stone industry. They are known for providing customers with some of the most beautiful product offerings on the market.

5. Creativity

Lastly, sometimes the best way to create a POP is by just being creative. This line from WOW ceramics gives you the opportunity to mix together a variety of different colorways and even shapes to design something with real impact. These lines allow you to open your creative mind and put together designs that are truly your own. Mix and match different styles until you have come up with a floor or wall that is like nothing else out there.


For more info on how to add POP to your powder room, feel free to email Kyle@coasttile.net or call the showroom and set up a virtual or in-person appointment at (609)646-9346 or schedule online at https://coasttile.net/design-consults/.

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