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Cleaning & Sealing Products

511 Impregnator Sealer

tile and stone sealer

The most universal and easy to use Sealer for most flooring projects.

Squeaky Hardwood Cleaner

Hardwood Cleaner

Without a doubt the highest quality hardwood flooring cleaner on the market

Tile & Stone Cleaner Concentrate


Get the tough ones out of your stone or tile products with this power flooring cleaner. 

Liquid Poultice

stone cleaner

Stain bringing you down? Well this product will pull both you and the stain right up!

Quartz Counter top Cleaner

Counter Top Cleaner

Make your counter tops sparkle like the first day you got them.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaner

When all else fails, bring in the big guns. This product will get the job done, when others can't. 

In-Floor Heating System


Warm Up

Looking for warm flooring for beneath your feet at all times? Well here is your answer, WarmUp provides customers with the opportunity to heat their floors in a way like no other. Find out the countless benefits beyond comfort that this product provides by calling Coast Tile today!

Floor Leveling System


Profilitec Floor Leveling System

need a perfectly level floor? Look no further, Profilitec will allow you to set a floor without battling the infamous lips and groves showing up. The simple and easy system will set you up for life, just buy the caps once and reuse them for every project.