Hardwood FAQ

Can hardwood floors be used in my kitchen?

Hardwood floors are being used in many kitchens. The key to keeping a wood floor looking new is to protect it from the elements. This means keeping it clean and dry. Mats should be used to keep dirt and grit off of the surface. And spills should be wiped up immediately. Floors should be kept clean using a dry or a very slightly damp mop. Most hardwood flooring should be put on job site 3·4 days prior to installation in order to acclimate to temperature and humidity of the room or rooms in which it is to be installed.  

Can I install hardwood in my basement?

Most basements are a concrete slab and an engineered floor is the best option. As long as moisture content has been checked and verified to be within the recommended range, engineered hardwood flooring can be installed. Most floors are either glued directly to the concrete or installed using a floating method. If there is excessive moisture the situation must be corrected before hardwood can be installed.  

Can engineered hardwood floors be re-finished?

Some have a thicker wear layer and are able to be re-finished. Others may have a thinner wear layer and may not be sanded although it may be possible to apply a new coat of finish.  

What about warranties on hardwood floor?

Most hardwood flooring manufacturer’s warranties are for factory defects caused by improper milling, staining or coating. Hardwood floors can be damaged and care should be taken to protect your wood flooring.  

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